Scapegoat season

Say what?

John Cole at Balloon Juice:

Grampa Simpson at it again:

In comments made over the weekend, Senator John McCain R-AZ., blamed illegal immigrants for the some wildfires that have raged across his state of Arizona.“There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally,” McCain said Saturday at a press conference. “The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border.”’

The Senator from Arizona’s comments set off a wildfire of their own, as the Wallow Fire currently blazes across his state across 500,000 miles.

A forest service spokesman on the Wallow fire in Arizona says there’s no evidence that this specific fire was caused by immigrants.

I still can not believe that there are people who want to argue that there would have been no difference between the current Obama administration and a McCain/Palin reign of terror.

What’s going on there?

4 Responses to Scapegoat season

  1. James Kessler says:

    Well part of it is also the Republicans desire to turn the white population completely against any Latino, especially in the SW, as within 10 years the SW will be majority latino.

    Once Texas is no longer majority white presidential politics are going to be a brand new game.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    How can anyone vote for a party that works so hard to put The Onion out of business?


  3. Sweet Ceiling Cat. I made a joke the other day that republicans would blame this on immigrants. I really was kidding. No way even AZ republicans would be that buffoonish.

    I’ll never make that mistake again.


  4. Pangolin says:

    They are desperately, desperately trying to turn the conversation away from any possible connection to Climate Change or forest mismanagement. It’s not that climate change effects started the fire it’s that people have trouble grasping the idea that the destabilization of the climate is like pushing a pendulum. It’s going to swing higher in BOTH directions.

    So who you blame for any political problem in Arizona is illegal immigrants. It used to be Native Americans but that becomes too ridiculous for even Republicans to swallow since they’re such a tiny portion of the population.

    They can’t talk about bad forest management practices since the standard GOP political tactic after a fire is to demand instant and unrestricted clear-cuts of mature trees. Which is crap forest management since it’s the second growth with lots of ladder fuels that are burning like hell now. Almost no mention at all of implementing defensible zones laws around occupied buildings since this isn’t cheap or easy for property owners. Brush clearing is work you know and you have to pay good money to get it done.

    It’s a pattern we’re very familiar with in Northern California forests. Wait for the miracle house that stands unburned because a rare homeowner maintained a proper defensible space. There will be much oohing and aaah-ing when every forest house should be like this.


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