Drive-by Christian Broadcasting Network School of Law for Government Infiltration

July 18, 2011

Do we need to add anything?

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Bathtub reading for a broiling July

July 18, 2011

Make that a cold bath.  It hit 107° F here Friday.  15th consecutive 100°-plus day?  17th?  200th?

Birds refuse to bathe in the bird bath — they’re saving it to drink.  The sprinkler system misfired yesterday — had to kill the power to fix a kitchen light and the clock on the sprinkler got a few hours off — and we were alerted by dozens of bluejays broadcasting the news.  “Water!” they screamed.  Dallas isn’t supposed to be home to robins, but there were three of them dancing on the wet sidewalk with the jays, plus assorted other birds — house finches, mourning doves, white-winged doves, cardinals, and that little scamp, the Bewick’s wren.  The woodpeckers declined to land on the ground.  No room for grackles.

While soaking, and cooling, what do we read?  In total chaos, or at least, in no particular order:

New Year's 1909, cartoon by John T. McCutcheon of Chicago

Cartoon by Chicago cartoonist John T. McCutcheon, 1909

You can only read until your fingers get all wrinkly.  There’s still stuff on the reading stack!

Another soak, for another time.

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