How did we get into this deficit mess?

From the New York Times:

Costs of policy changes under two presidents, Bush and Obama - New York Times chart

From the New York Times, article by Teresa Tritch, "How the deficit got this big"

Teresa Tritch wrote the story, published on July 24.  Sources for the chart were the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

103 Responses to How did we get into this deficit mess?

  1. James Kessler says:

    Lower writes:
    I found this visualization of our debt very helpful. We really need to pay down our debt and our financial obligations!

    Then you should demand that your party, Lower, cut corporate welfare, cut the military and get rid of the tax cuts and loopholes.

    But you won’t do that…because like all the other Republicans you don’t actually give a damn about the deficit/debt.

    As for this: Criticize the Tea Party all you want…I’m sure they’ve earned it…yet at least they aren’t cow-towing to lobbyists and selling their souls for the top dollar. Disagree with their principles…fine, but at least they have them unlike many in Washington today.

    Oh really? You haven’t been paying attention have you. Lets of the founding groups of the so called “Tea Party” was Freedomworks…which is a lobbying group founded by Dick Armey. Then there’s is all the Koch funded organizations that seem to have more then a little control over the teaparty.

    So yes, Lower, the Tea Party has sold out their souls for top dollar and they’re kowtowing to lobbyists.

    Hm..I wonder how the Oil industry got the so called “Tea Party” and its Republican mates to prevent the ending of the oil subsidies…hm..I bet money changed hands.

    Again, Lower, you and the others can pretend that the so called Tea party is some grass roots organization all you want…but it was created by Republican leadership and the rich in order to con you and your fellow conservatives into thinking that the Republican party changed after it got its ass kicked in 2006 and 2008.

    As I keep on telling you…you, Morgan, Grif and the others are entirely too gullible.

    Quit spouting your bulls— lies, Lower, they’re not going to get you anywhere.


  2. Pangolin says:

    Ed, please refrain from insulting honest prostitutes that provide an honest service for a fee by comparing them to the Tea Party. At the core of the Tea Party story is the fact that it’s a sockpuppet for the Republican Party establishment.


  3. lowerleavell says:

    I found this visualization of our debt very helpful. We really need to pay down our debt and our financial obligations!


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