Wind power, more than just talk

I missed Global Wind Day on June 15 — too much static from the ironically long-winded anti-winders.

Voice of America claims wind power offers great potential.  Climate denialists, used to denying all facts especially if they are hopeful, will deny it any way they think they can.*

These posts are for examples only, and should not be interpreted to mean that the blogs sampled are composed entirely of denials, or that the blog authors and editors are themselves pure denialists — certainly they will deny that.  We will gladly post links to posts at those blogs that promote benefits of harnassing wind energy, if anyone can find them.

3 Responses to Wind power, more than just talk

  1. […] “Wind Power:  More than just talk” (Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub) […]


  2. […] “Wind Power:  More than just talk” (Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub) […]


  3. Pangolin says:

    My brother lives on the east side of the Altamont Pass here in California and works on the west side. He goes through the pass every working day. There are literally thousands of wind turbines of various sizes, ages and repair up there.

    You’d think that whole county would be a bird-free zone; it’s not. A few miles north on Mt. Diablo it’s raptor paradise and Red Tail hawks are as plentiful as crows in the Delta.

    There are bird kills. Birds will fly into any vertical structure and skyscrapers, radio towers, electrical towers and power lines are known killers of raptors. The best way to minimize bird strike deaths is to use larger wind turbines that produce more power per structure and more power per sq/ft of surface area.

    As to the claims that wind turbines cause noise pollution. Well, we pulled over a few times when the wind was blowing to see what we could hear. Truth is; you can’t hear the turbines with all the wind howling in your ears.


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