Glories of Glacier N.P.

Seven-plus minutes of good reason to get your tail to Glacier National Park as soon as you can.

Produced and shot by Joshua Thompson, this is part of an award-winning film made to promote the park and get money for the research that the park hosts.

Grizzly Bears, Bighorn Sheep, spectacular sunsets and more…..

Part 3 of the recently shot Glacier DVD. This 20 min. film recently was nominated for best new nature documentary in the music category as well received an award for photography from the Wildlife Film Festival held in May of 2008. All funds for this project are being donated to the Glacier National Park Fund. For more info:…

I’ve been there only once.  A wise American would get there before turning 35, and return several times.

5 Responses to Glories of Glacier N.P.

  1. James Kessler says:

    So Ricci, you’ve given up your car, your computer and your house right?


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Ricci, study the life of Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, Ansel Adams, or Aldo Leopold. Study Laurence Rockefeller and Ted Turner. Get any edition of The Boy Scout Handbook, or pick up a copy of Richard Louv’s The Last Child in the Woods. (His blog may be a quicker path).

    The idea of a National Park is not simply to make rubber stamp consumption-reducing automatons, but to awaken people to the beauty and value of wild places, and preservation of the planet.

    Yes, there are hard studies. Check out the papers of the President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors (potential conflict of interest alert: I was public affairs director for the commission). Look especially at the working papers and case studies.

    You’ve never read Thoreau’s Walden?

    You’ve never visited one of the National Parks yourself?


  3. Ricci says:

    ”What is the case that park visitation increases global warming?” Not just the mere green travelling from one continent to another, but the eco stimulant (beer and caffeine) concumption in eco disposable cups and cutlery?
    They might well ” come away with much better understanding of environmental issues.” but won’t it all be forgotten about when they return to their own toxic environment?
    Is there any study showing that the ”3 million people who visit Yellowstone. ” have reduced consumption to reasonable level?
    While it has become fashionable to label skeptics challenging corporate errand boys ”denialists” or even ”holocaust deniers” whether it be tipping a big bucket of red paint over Africa or a big bucket of green eco paint over the West doesn’t mean the environment will be grateful. Esp while most ”envrionmentallists” continue to drive vehicles.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    You assume visiting a park “compromises environment” in some way that frustrates work against global warming?

    What is the case that park visitation increases global warming?

    Generally, people who visit the parks come away with much better understanding of environmental issues. It’s not like parks other than Yosemite and Yellowstone have great crowding problems — and Yellowstone much less than Yosemite. We are a nation of 310 million people, roughly. I think every citizen should see Yellowstone live, in person. Each year there are about 3 million people who visit Yellowstone. So at that rate it’ll take 104 years to get the current population up to one visit.

    Glacier N.P. is a great place to study the effects of warming of the past 50 years on glaciers. I’m sure a lot of warming deniers would prefer people stay away from dramatic demonstrations of the harms of warming.

    For consciousness-raising alone, it would be difficult to do much toward over-visiting the National Parks.


  5. Ricci says:

    Assuming man-made global warming is not a scam then would the national wildlife parks in the world rather we compromise environment even more by having millions of poeple regularly visit the parks?


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