Elizabeth Warren: Grace under pressure (we need this woman in the Senate)

Here’s a woman who keeps her wits about her; no wonder Scott Brown is scared by Elizabeth Warren’s campaign:

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According to the story at Huffington Post:

BROCKTON, Mass. — Moments into a speech before volunteers here Wednesday evening, Elizabeth Warren was interrupted by a Tea Party supporter who hurled a gender-based epithet at the Senate candidate. The man, who said he’d been unemployed since February 2010, objected to Warren’s expressed affiliation with the frustrations of Occupy Wall Street, and argued that the Tea Party has been protesting Wall Street excess for longer than the nascent global movement.

The crowd tried to shout the man down, but Warren told her supporters to let him speak. “No, no, it’s alright. Let me say two things,” she said. “I’m very sorry that you’ve been out of work. I’m also very sorry that the recent jobs bill that would’ve brought 22,000 jobs to Massachusetts did not pass in the Senate.”

There’s more.  The man called her “a socialist whore;” just to irritate the Tea Party and Republicans, probably, Warren’s organization let the guy wander away, no Tazer, no fight, no handcuffs.  Warren addressed his issues and the issues that his presence highlighted.  Civil discussion of serious matters.

This is a case of Elizabeth Warren modeling the way on bringing civility to political discussion.

Other candidates, are you paying attention?  Voters?

We need this woman in the Senate, even if you’re not from Massachusetts.


6 Responses to Elizabeth Warren: Grace under pressure (we need this woman in the Senate)

  1. Alan Scott’s posting is very encouraging. To think that someone who learned to read only a couple of months ago can write so clearly!

    I mean, if he’d known about events before OWS existed, he’d have remembered the events that were referenced in the remark about Tasers, handcuffs, and all: Meetings like this one, or pretty much like, only run by Republicans, in which people raising undesirable questions (but not of course calling anyone a whore) were given the educational experience of having Tasers, handcuffs, and the like applied to teach them civility.

    Time to use those excellent reading skills to study the books on ancient history, 2010 and even earlier.


  2. Shelley says:

    This woman, like Howard Dean, is a once-in-a- generation political leader.

    Let’s not let the corporations end her career.


  3. Alan Scott says:

    I have watched the video a couple of times and I have failed to find evidence that the man disrupting the meeting has any affiliation with the Tea Party or the GOP.

    And the comment about Tazers, fights, and handcuffs is misleading because when the OWS provokes those things , it does not leave the meetings after a few minutes . There was no need to tazer this guy.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    A woman I knew at the University of Arizona had Warren as her contracts professor in law school. She said it was the best course, and Warren perhaps the best professor she ever had.

    Now my friend lives in Massachusetts, and she is quite ecstatic that Warren is running. She’s known Warren for more than two decades, and she says there is no one more qualified right now.

    Looking at her work on consumer protection from financial fraud and shenanigans, I’m prone to agree.


  5. Jim says:

    She has the feel of another Paul Wellstone. There ARE good ones out there. Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Russ Feingold. Now, Warren. I just wish it were like when I was a kid — when you had just much chance of finding a true servant of the people and of the ideals immortalized in the Preamble in either party.

    Today, you’re lucky to find a handful in just one party.

    Keep up the good work, Ellie.


  6. Ellie says:

    This year, for the first time in my life, I donated to a political candidate’s campaign fund: Elizabeth Warren. I don’t live in Mass., so I can’t vote for her. The small donation was the next best thing. I think all politicians lie, but it is my firm belief that she will lie considerably less than most of them. I hope she wins. I think she will do a great job.


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