Michael Pollan at TEDS: What do potatoes think of us?

Pollan asks a provocative question:  Do we force plants to do our bidding when we breed them, or are we being manipulated by them?

Pollan is the author of Botany of Desire, a great book.  There is a PBS production based on the book.

2 Responses to Michael Pollan at TEDS: What do potatoes think of us?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    You didn’t bother to read past the headline, did you. Pollan’s work is generally brilliant, deeply researched, and solid.

    Are critics of democrats capable of reading? Twain snarked that the man who can read, but doesn’t, is no better off than the man who cannot read at all.

    Have you read Pollan’s book? (Or any of the others?) Have you seen the PBS documentary? Do you know anything at all about botany, or anything else in biology?

    Your knowledge is not apparent, buffon.


  2. whatabuffon says:

    What total idiocy. It goes to show just what a lefty Loon-fest TEDS has become. What a racket.

    I am tempted to say that the real question is “are Democrats capable of thought”, but that would not be true. The real question is, can we survive long enough to get the idiots out of power.

    Pollan needs to get a real, productive job. He will find life much easier. So will his poor children.

    (Can you imagine having such a lunatic for a father)


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