Religion and the presidential campaign . . . what is a Christian?


Of course, C. S. Lewis was a Brit, and Britain is close to Europe — heck he’s almost a Frenchman, and Russian communists used to like to go to Paris.  On one of those hooks, Obama bashers will hang their refusal to agree with Martin Bashir.

3 Responses to Religion and the presidential campaign . . . what is a Christian?

  1. lowerleavell says:

    Love the book Mere Christianity! Sad that only a snippet was taken from the book of the external behavior as a sign of Christianity (kind of a James 2 argument) and ignored the rest of the book. C.S. Lewis is right, but there is so much more to being a Christian than a changed lifestyle as the book describes. Beyond this, he never said who these attacks were coming from nor did he examine whether Obama has ever told a lie or not.

    Being a Christian does not mean that we are sinless this side of heaven. By that definition, if we’re honest, there are zero Christians on the planet. We have been freed from the power of sin, but not yet the presence of sin. Read Romans 6-8 to really understand this ongoing struggle.

    None of the candidates (or Obama for that matter) would pass C.S. Lewis’ arguments (or the Bible’s) of what it means to be a Christian (which is an adjective, not a noun). Saying you’re a Christian does not make you a Christian anymore than me saying I am a millionaire puts money in my bank! Hanging out in a church does not make you a Christian anymore than hanging out in a garage makes you a car! What constitutes a Christian is a conversation in which C.S. Lewis and I would both be quite happy to engage. If you haven’t read Mere Christianity, I would highly recommend it!


  2. It’s not quite clear whether the “too close to Europe” argument here is meant to be snark or not. I can attest to its accuracy, though.

    For some years I followed a newsgroup dedicated to Lewis, an exceptionally civilized group in which flame wars were unwelcome, but with a wide range of opinions among the regulars and even wider among the many who dropped in.

    And it was there that I heard that Lewis was regrettably influenced by all those lefties in Europe. For example, he made a couple of unfavorable references to Joe McCarthy, which in a pious Christian could only be explained by his getting nothing but misinformation from the leftist press and leftist intellectuals who dominated England as they did the rest of Europe.

    So, yes, there are good sensible grounds for dismissing any uncomfortable position that Lewis took, and the grounds are his unfortunate position on the outskirts of Europe!


  3. What’s interesting is that there are plenty of xtians who disagree with Lewis. Some believe that only belief in Jesus Christ as a savior is necessary to be a good Xtian, so they could not act kindly and still be Xtian.


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