Patriot talk: Why conservatives fear Van Jones

Listen to him:  This is why conservatives fear Van Jones.  He speaks clearly, simply, and he’s right.

Are you a patriot?

“Who is fighting harder for liberty and justice for all than the progressives? We’re the ones fighting for that. Who is fighting, not just singing ‘America the Beautiful,’ who is defending America’s beauty from the oil spillers, from the clear cutters, from the mountain-top removers. That’s progressives. Who is honoring the Statue of Liberty when the statue says ‘Give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your huddled masses.’ You can’t be an anti-immigrant bigot and a patriot at the same time. Who are these people to claim that they’re patriots and we are not?”  (From The War Room, on Current)

7 Responses to Patriot talk: Why conservatives fear Van Jones

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Len, President Obama reduced the number of bureaucrats. Trump is cutting government jobs, but jobs of people who defend human rights against creeping and illegal bureaucracies.

    Stay in Sebastopol, please.


  2. LenInSebastopol says:

    Ah, the honeyed rhetoric flow as over an ant hill while underneath his sweet sounds come tiny bureaucrats to regulate away our freedoms while maintaining sustenance on our hard earned money with better & greater taxes.


  3. Jim says:


    I’ll buy that. About Jones and Maher. I do think Democrats were to be applauded for condemning and successfully primarying Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney when she more or less “came out” as a Truther and insinuated 9/11 was an inside job.

    Still waiting for the Republican Party to show half as much integrity with regard to their pols who kvetch about “Barry Sotero”, concentration camps for Christian teens and communists in the White House and Congress.

    But you’re spot-on correct, I think, and as much as I like and agree with both Jones and Maher on many issues — they are flat wrong about (9/11) and vaccination.

    Thanks for weighing in!



  4. Kerry Maxwell says:

    I am largely unfamiliar with Van Jones, but if he started spouting 9/11 conspiracy sh–, I wouldn’t “engage” him either. Same problem I have with Bill Maher. I don’t care what else you have to say if you are a germ theory denialist. I’m certainly down with the points Van Jones makes in this video, but I’ve gathered he has some other “points” that rather blunt his pointiness in general.


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Okay, Morgan, we get that you don’t like Van Jones’s tone. But you don’t have any response for the very serious issues he raises, not one.

    Conservatives fear Jones so much they can’t even engage him on the issues. Should we fight for liberty and justice? Morgan appears to concede those fights. Should we just sing “America the Beautiful,” or should we work to protect and even extend that beauty, say by stopping oil spills? Morgan turns up the stereo or puts on his iPod earphones and closes the blinds of the window on the Gulf of Mexico and the Valdez straits (it’s a big house). What about the poor, the tired and huddled masses? Can they mow lawns, will they take cash, and can I hire them and keep plausible deniability? Morgan appears to ask.

    “Must you be so strident, Mr. Jones? Justice is expensive, fighting blacks eyes, liberty should be tempered for the poor, oil spills are the cost of high executive salaries and the class warfare we wage while denying we wage it, that Lazarus woman was probably akin to a communist.” We hear ya, Morgan.

    But I hear Van Jones in the other ear, and he’s got several points that deserve serious consideration by Americans, now.


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