Fire hoop dance at the Kwahadi Indian Dancers in Amarillo

Fire Hoop Dance, Kwahadi Indian Dancers, Amarillo, Texas, 7-21-2012

Fire hoop dance at the Kwahadi Indian Dancers event center in Amarillo, Texas, July 21, 2012. The dance troupe is off on a national tour over the next three weeks or so.

Venture Crew 9 in Amarillo, Texas, preserves traditional American Indian dances, and performs them literally around the world.  Troop 355 from Duncanville, Texas, stopped off to visit and view the performance — just in time, because the troupe starts a national tour tomorrow.

The performances range from very good to spectacular.  You ought to stop in Amarillo to see.

There’s a better sequence of photos at the Kwahadi dancers’ site.

Dancers belong to a Scouting organization, either Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts — and they continue about a 50 year tradition at their museum and performance center, just off of I-40 in Amarillo.

Probably 200 Boy Scouts in the audience tonight.


3 Responses to Fire hoop dance at the Kwahadi Indian Dancers in Amarillo

  1. Mom says:

    Outstanding photos. Thank you for posting the link to the slides. Talented dancers.


  2. ANd yet some would think that culture and others aren’t worth learning about and preserving…


  3. Ellie says:

    The pictures were wonderful, and I did some exploring at the website. Thank you!


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