Another facet? A different and better point of view?

September 24, 2012

Modest paraphrase from another self-proclaimed conservative:

Modern conservatism: Some 20 or 30 percent of us who never matured much past middle school, claiming to represent 99 percent, trying to win an election by a tenth of a percent so that some 4 percent of us can tell everybody else how to live, and where to put 100 percent of our money.

Where are the errors in that view?

How would Edmund Burke define ’em?  Michael OakeshottHenry HazlittFriedrich von HayekWilliam F. Buckley?  (All people who have been drummed out of the modern “conservative” movement in America in reality, even though many conservatives claim to love them.)

Adam Zyglis in the Buffalo News (December 2010?), via pics on Sodahead

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