President Obama: On anniversary of ending of Iraq War, a pledge to heal the wounded

September 1, 2012

President Barack Obama spoke at Fort Bliss, Texas, On August 31, 2012:

Description from the White House:

On the two-year anniversary of the end of our combat mission in Iraq, the President speak to troops at Fort Bliss, and discusses that part of ending wars responsibly demands standing by those who have served. August 31, 2012.


Biden vs. Ryan, on a homeless guy

September 1, 2012

Oh, so THAT’s how you get a Tweet to look like a Tweet on a blog!

This isn’t real Biden vs. Ryan, though from my experience with Biden his side is pretty clear; and from what the GOP folk said from Tampa, Ryan’s side it pretty clear, too:

Bathtub reading for a Labor Day

September 1, 2012

A week of school out of  the way, perhaps.  One convention down, one to gird up for.  Last long weekend of a mosquito-plagued summer.  Enough rain to quench the wildfire danger, perhaps, while washing away the town outside the levees.

English: Millard Fillmore helped build this ho...

Millard Fillmore bathed here: Fillmore helped build this house in East Aurora, NY, in 1825, moving in with his wife Abigail in 1826. They lived here until 1830. It is the only surviving residence of Fillmore, aside from the White House. Good image created and copyright held by Yoho2001 Toronto, ON. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever the justification, a good stack of stuff for a good, long soak.

Wait.  The tea is cold.  Bother.  Why don’t they make tea dispensers for the bath tub?

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