Darwin Day, around the cyber world

Phantasmagorical art at Pharyngula:

Darwin and life

Colorful Darwin rendering, from Pharyngula

P.Z. mentions that James Randi joins the celebration of Darwin Day at Broward College.

Digital Cuttlefish wrote a poem about Darwin — the usual brilliant Cuttlefish rhymes.

Panda’s Thumb reports on the special Darwin Day issue of Cell Reports.  Read down, you’ll find another post on a series of posts explaining evolution for average people, at BioLogos.  A great idea for Darwin Day, or any day.

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy reported on the progress of the resolution in Congress to declare Darwin Day, and other matters.

Talk Nerdy To Me at Huffington Post carries a light little post of Darwin trivia.

Evolve, will ya?

3 Responses to Darwin Day, around the cyber world

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Oh, gee, James! Usually I just delete those odd things that sneak through the spam filters; but I don’t want to leave your response hanging. I’ll just disable the link, and hope that discourages other spammers. Instead, it will link to words of wisdom.


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