Birdbrains, in Canyonlands National Park

Bewick's Wrens nesting in skull of a bull, Canyonlands NP

From Canyonlands NP Facebook page: “View from the Maze: A pair of Bewick’s Wrens makes a nest in the brain cavity of an old bull’s skull. Where bovine ruminations once roamed a quick feathered flickering now prevails. If your skull ended up in a tree what species of bird would you like your brain cavity to host? (GC)”

Years ago in the Salt Lake Valley my sister Annette had a home on Wren Road.

One day she and a friend watched birds scurrying all over the property, plucking nesting materials.  “I wonder what kind of birds those are,” my sister said.

“Did you ever wonder why they named it ‘Wren Road?'” her friend replied.

If you want your bird watching friends to think you’re experienced at it, remember Bewick’s, as in “Bewick’s wren,”  is pronounced like the automobile, “Buick’s.”


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