Just point your cameras to the skies and shoot: Lubbock on August 14

With all the cameras around, if everybody just points their own camera to the skies and starts shooting, we’ll get some good shots.

Tonight the Texas Storm Chasers sent this one out:

Storm over Lubbock, Texas, August 14, 2013 - photo by Texas Storm Chasers

Texas Storm Chasers ‏@TxStormChasers 27m RT @TaylorKLynn: @TxStormChasers Took these from my phone of the storm heading into northern Lubbock! pic.twitter.com/5LQX1qBWsN #txwx

Looks like “Night on Storm Prairie” to me. (Where’s Disney when you need em?)

Shot with a camera phone, I’m guessing from inside a hotel (are those reflections in the window?).  Not sure who shot it, so I’ve just credited “Texas Storm Chasers.”

Weather is cool.  Photos of weather are cool, too.


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