How kids get to school, New Delhi edition

From Twitter:

From Twitter: “Another e.g. pic to show that school transport in Asia needs attention on health & safety aspects”

Do you think the students have wi-fi to finish their homework on the way to school?

(This is not necessarily representative of all Indian school buses.)

One wonders at the stories behind such “buses” and their use.  It might make an interesting geography assignment, to find out how students get to school in other nations.  What is the most exotic, bizarre, dangerous or luxurious ride?


7 Responses to How kids get to school, New Delhi edition

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  3. Ed Darrell says:

    So long as a pedal bus isn’t on the road with vehicles which CAN go fast enough for a dangerous crash, or on roads that are themselves real dangers . . .


  4. Honestly, that bus looks okay to me. CRamped, yes, but the kids don’t seem to mind. And a pedal bus can’t go fast enough for a dangerous crash.


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    The Tweet I found the photo in complained about safety of the device. The schools that come close to matching the one identified on the side all seem to be quite thriving educational institutions. The pedal-bus is used in other Indian cities, for other schools, too.

    Ironically, if one does a search for school buses in India, one gets the stories of gory accidents that killed several students each — all of them motorized buses, much larger, much closer to what Americans might consider “safe.”

    The glee with which many people pursue daily activities in ways that we might consider impoverished, but which they see as ways to improve their lives, is fascinating, and encouraging to me.

    See also how kids get to school in Palestine, and this longer feature at Amusing Planet.


  6. Debra says:

    That looks like fun. This exuberance reminds me of all the decorated transport that can be found all over the global south. Sometimes astonishingly gaudy … but most times it seems full of spirit to me.


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