August 24, 79 C.E.: Vesuvius had something to say

Much as the GOP Caucus and other climate-change deniers, Roman officials in Pompeii and Herculaneum refused to be alarmed at the ground shaking, and obvious eruptions from Mount Vesuvius, on August 24, 79 C.E.

This morning we awake to news of earthquakes in Chile and California. The old Earth keeps rumbling.

Oddly, we now pay more attention to earthquakes than to other things that can cause greater, rolling disasters.

Santayana’s Ghost wonders if we ever learn from history.

Vesuvius, asleep for now. National Geographic photo by Robert Clark

Vesuvius, asleep for now. National Geographic photo by Robert Clark

6 Responses to August 24, 79 C.E.: Vesuvius had something to say

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Should be “bozo below” (latest content on top, here).

    Pat, I lost your post in the spam filters for a couple of days. Sorry.


  2. Black Flag® says:

    They don’t exist, Ed. That is your bizarre mental tornado.

    There are many who do not adhere to your zealotry that man causes climate change. But in your zealotry, you can’t tell anyone from anyone else


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Earthaid3 wrote:

    For those who follow things like earthquakes (and glad the 6.1 quake in California didn’t do as much damage as one would expect with that magnitude) and volcanoes in the US as well as world, here are handy sites for reference:






    I was just checking activity sites and thought some of you might want to bookmark one or two in case any of them make the news.

    One reason I check in on volcanoes are the sharks. If I see volcanoes on islands being active, I check the tagged sharks in that area to see if they are reacting…do they surface more frequently setting off a ping and/or do they move away immediately. Same with quakes. Especially if they put out a tsunami advisory.


  4. Ed, it’s one of their stupid pedantic wiggles, they don’t deny climate change, they deny MAN MADE climate change. Thus, as the bozo above, they call you a liar. Yes, I said “Bozo.” And I meant it.


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    This is funny: Black Flag denies that climate change denialists exist.

    They get in the habit of denying reality, and they deny anything.

    Like the fabled cheating golfer, who always took at least a stroke off his score for every hole. One day he hit a hole-in-one, and wrote “0” on the score card.


  6. Black Flag® says:

    Typical idiocy.
    No one denies the climate changes, Ed. Pretending such a group exists demonstrates how utterly bizarre your mind is.

    Climate change due to human action is an unproven hypothesis, and has been long dismissed. Only the zealots, like you, hold on to this as if it was a truth. Oh ye of faith!

    And then to muddle climate change to volcanoes. There is no end to your madness, is there?


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