Tree and Milky Way, but where?

Nice photo, a starry sky showing part of the Milky Way, and a great tree, probably painted with a flashlight.

But, where in the world is it?

Tweet from Fotos del Mundo, @FerloRuiz

Tweet from Fotos del Mundo, @FerloRuiz

Dear Reader, do you know where this photo was taken? Who should get credit?

[It was Nate Cochran. See his note in comments below, and thanks to Ediacaran.]

4 Responses to Tree and Milky Way, but where?

  1. Nate Cochrane says:

    As @Ediacaran says below, I made this photo at Hill End, an old gold-mining town in New South Wales, Australia.

    More info at Into the Night:


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  2. I don’t know, but I would love to go there. Beautiful!


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