“Your News,” another hoax, false news site to watch out for

November 15, 2017

Masthead of hoax news site. When you see this URL, you can be quite certain the more salacious claims are hoaxed.

Masthead of hoax news site. When you see this URL, you can be quite certain the more salacious claims are hoaxed. Contrary to the claims, “news” reports on the site are truthful only tangentially; and if “unfiltered” means unedited and not fact-checked, it would be almost accurate.

YourNewsWire.com purveys hoax stories. They do it at that website, and on Twitter, and probably on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch out for them, and do not be suckered by their bizarre tales. Hallmarks of hoaxes from this site are stories with some basis in fact, which are then exaggerated beyond reason, to sow dissension.

This is plainly hoax, pure and clear: Jay-Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX

This story relating to Flint, Michigan’s water crisis takes two deaths of people involved in finding the facts, and works to spin it into a conspiracy story designed to make us fear government. The shooting death of the woman, Sasha Avona Bell, resulted from a domestic dispute with a spurned lover. You can’t learn that from “YourNewsWire.”

You’ll find links to these stories, and others from YourNewsWire, linked all over Twitter and Facebook. Falsehoods spread like wildfire, especially among the gullible. This hoax site was instrumental in spreading false information about the mass shooting deaths in Sutherland Spring, Texas, for example. In this Tweet, nothing is accurate.

In this story, the site claims the actor Morgan Freeman said “‘Jailing Hillary’ Best Way To ‘Restore Public Faith In Govt,’” but the entire story is false. Hoax investigation site Snopes.com answered why the story is false, in some detail.  Politifact rated the story a “pants on fire” lie. Media Matters also responded, a sign that the story suckered many gullible people. Media Matters reports the site is an outlet for Russian fake news activities.

Wonkette got on it, too.

Here’s what Morgan Freeman REALLY said about politics recently, specifically about Russian interference in U.S. elections — something “YourNewsWire” would prefer to hide. And, as the New York Times reported, Freeman’s video angered Russians, which would explain why they targeted him with the hoax claims.

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