Family stickers on the van . . . too far

June 6, 2014

It was spotted in Utah, of course (note the mountains in the background).

Yeah, we had that family living next door to us for a while.

Look closely, it appears not to be a claim for a polygamous family . . . oy.  Surely, it is a joke.

Utah too big family - BnvLS6RIMAAl8xY

Maybe it’s a kindergarten teacher who thinks all students are her kids, or his kids. Maybe the driver just wants to start conversation, or convulsions of laughter.

Who is Tim Pangos?

December 19, 2013

Ha. I am amused at people so anxious to take material from this blog, or complain about something I’ve written, that they can’t be bothered to look around for names of the blog, or author, or otherwise look for proper attribution.

I’ve been called “Tim Panogos” several times, “Tim Pagonos” a few.  I’ve had a few zombies from Santayana’s nightmares insist on calling me Millard.

This is to note that the humor will continue:  Now my photos are credited to “Tim Pangos.”  To be sure, it’s posted by LatinaMom.  Happy to be able to hold on to multicultural appeal.

Here's my photo, as featured at

Here’s my photo, as featured at “Funny Bumperstickers” by Latina Mom. ” Zombies. They’ll get you every time. Image via Tim Pangos.  Photo and original post by Ed Darrell at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub — use of photos encouraged, with attribution.  This photo from my iPhone, by the way.

For the record, the URL of this blog features the name of that great Utah landmark, Mount Timpanogos.  I do not intentionally use the pseudonyms “Tim Panagos,” “Tim Pangos,” nor any other derivative from the mountain’s moniker.

Separation of church and hate

November 18, 2008

Florida protest, photo found at Quark Soup

Florida protest, photo found at Quark Soup

We’re in the middle of grading; I confess I do not know what this protest is about (Proposition 2?  What is that?).

The line is priceless, regardless.

Who is going to order the bumperstickers?

Found the photo at Quark Soup.

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