Signs: Pancho Villa Highway? Zapata Road?

August 15, 2013

Another from Don Knuth’s collection of diamond signs, this one collected in Mexico:

Mexico diamond warning sign, from Don Knuth's collection

Location: N16°55.642′, W96°21.618′ photo taken 2008.02.26 in Oaxaca, Mexico by Paula Darwent Near entrance of Mercado de Artesanias (Calle Reforma), San Pablo Villa de Mitla

Perhaps this sign is supposed to warn us against water on the road.  Or mirages on the road.

But when I saw it, I thought of this:

Or maybe this one:

The sign is in Oaxaca, an area that rallied around Zapata.

There’s gotta be a story behind that shotgun blast spray on the sign.  Even more appropriate to the stories of Zapata and Villa, yes?

I wonder what the sign is warning us about?


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