Utah beer brewers have a wicked sense of humor

July 5, 2008

Three decades out of Utah, who could have seen this coming?

Utah beer brewers make good beer, and they have a wicked sense of humor.  Yes, that’s “Provo Girl,” as in the town where the LDS Church’s Brigham Young University calls home.  And that winsome woman is smiling before Bridal Veil Falls of Provo Canyon.  Let’s just say there’s a lot of history in that drawing.

Face it, brewing beer in a Mormon-dominated state is spitting into the wind anyway (Mormons don’t drink beer, for religious reasons).

Brewers must make money from non-Mormons, and from tourists.  Maybe that explains the proliferation of labels that rather stick it to the local religious authorities.  Humor seems to be a favored marketing device.

Other labels to watch for :

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