Utah beer brewers have a wicked sense of humor

Three decades out of Utah, who could have seen this coming?

Utah beer brewers make good beer, and they have a wicked sense of humor.  Yes, that’s “Provo Girl,” as in the town where the LDS Church’s Brigham Young University calls home.  And that winsome woman is smiling before Bridal Veil Falls of Provo Canyon.  Let’s just say there’s a lot of history in that drawing.

Face it, brewing beer in a Mormon-dominated state is spitting into the wind anyway (Mormons don’t drink beer, for religious reasons).

Brewers must make money from non-Mormons, and from tourists.  Maybe that explains the proliferation of labels that rather stick it to the local religious authorities.  Humor seems to be a favored marketing device.

Other labels to watch for :

6 Responses to Utah beer brewers have a wicked sense of humor

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Thanks for the information, Dale.

    Folks, as if you needed a reason to go to Springdale and Zion Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon Beer is a good one.

    We didn’t get to the Bit & Spur, but people we know who love food recommend it. We did dine at the Spotted Dog, and we recommend it highly. Both feature Dale’s brews.

    Check out Dale’s company here:


  2. Yo ED!
    Zion Canyon Brewing Company Beer is brewed in Springdale by me, no “claims” it really happens in this little town.
    Dale E. Harris


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    I love how the creationists try to claim that formations in Zion and around Kanab and in the Grand Canyon were created by the Noachic flood — while most of the sandstone is fossilized sand dunes!

    Did the hymn sheets include the hymns written for Darwin’s funeral? I’m still searching for those.

    We’re in Springdale again tonight — Zion Canyon Beer claims to be brewed in this little berg, Jamaican style!

    Alas, we’re flying back from Salt Lake City, so will be bringing precious little of these precious fluids home.

    Thanks for dropping by, Steve.


  4. Hi, Ed,

    I was hiking and camping in SW Utah (Zion, Bryce, etc.) in June and discovered Provo Girl beer. It is a VERY GOOD pilsner beer with a lot of flavor. I purchased several very expensive six-packs to take home. If you like lager and pilsner beers, I suggest you try to find this. It is a microbrew, so is not widely available outside Utah. You could find it at convenience stores and groceries, along with Polygamy Porter and other brews.

    My wife and I dined in Springdale every night on pizza and microbrew beer at a popular place before retiring to our humble tent in the Zion Canyon campground. It was always the perfect end to the day. We climbed Angel’s Landing but saw nothing supernatural. We did witness the unhappy sight of seeing parents drag their young children up to the top via a very dangerous climb for youngsters. What are they thinking?

    In Bryce Canyon NP at Ruby’s Campground, we ran into a large group of kids and adults from Design Science. This Creationist group out of Oregon takes their kids and force feeds them on YEC nonsense. They attribute every natural feature to Noah’s Flood. They were also going to visit Zion and Grand Canyon. I stopped to listen to a group discussion held by the parents while the boys were playing touch football and the girls were playing kickball. The professional outfitter and camp cook they hired was complaining to them about last year’s bad behavior (by the kids, I presume), and warned that her reputation was on the line, too, so people better behave this year! Then they passed out hymns to sing with a guitar accompaniment. I obtained one of these treasured sheets but left when the singing started.


  5. John Moeller says:

    This beer was actually St. Provo Girl until recently. Seems the St. Pauli Girl people didn’t much like the infringement. It’s still an icon of counterculture here in UT. Another fave here by Squatters is “Polygamy Porter.” :-)


  6. zhoen says:

    That, and they taste good. Not very strong, but lots of flavor. A weird kink in Utah’s weird liquor laws meant a niche loophole for brewpubs. Desert Edge, Red Rock, Squatters just in Salt Lake, and there are more in other cities. Even Brewvies, a movie theater that sells local beers, food, and bars smoking and under 18s, which makes it a great refuge for adults.


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