Human extinction? Nature doesn’t care

December 22, 2011

Some of the cartoonists get it.  Mother Earth will survive human extinction; it’s humans who will suffer if we don’t work to save ourselves.

Tim Eagan in Deep Cover, December 15, 2011:

Tim Eagan's Deep Cover, on Durban Climate Conference, December 15, 2011

Tim Eagan’s Deep Cover, on Durban Climate Conference, December 15, 2011; go to Eagan’s site for a larger view of the original

That’s right:  Contrary to conservative and warming denialist blather, it is environmentalists who are the humanitarians in this unfortunate-to-have, unnecessary discussion.

Eagan is another recovering lawyer, ten points to his favor.  Is there any publication that regularly features his work?  I don’t know.  There should be many.

Update:  If you’re visiting the Bathtub for the first time, be sure not to miss the link at the top, to go to this cartoon.

Tip of the frozen-but-thawing scrub brush to Devona Wyant.

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