Up to our ears in carnivals

April 19, 2007

Weren’t we here just a few days ago?  In the last week, for sure.

The 115th Carnival of Education is up at DY/DAN.

Look for Fuji Bucks.  Look for selection processes for advanced classes.  A lot of very good stuff.

Image:  Horace Mann School, 1st Grade Class, 1923

Which Horace Mann?  Oh, Saline County, Illinois.  Seriously, how many Horace Mann Schools can there be in America?  Anyone have a clue?

April 19, 1882 – Charles Darwin’s death

April 19, 2007

P. Z. Myers writes and quotes with flair and gusto, and I cannot improve upon it: The death of Darwin.

Call for contributions: Fiesta de Tejas!

April 19, 2007

We have a couple of sterling contributions for the next Fiesta de Tejas!

More. We should have more submissions. Texas is a big state, with a lot of people, and a lot of entertaining history. We need more entries. Deadline for entries is end of day April 30, 2007 — I’m looking to publish on May 2.

You may e-mail entries to me at edarrellATsbcglobalDOTnet, or you can take advantage of the Blog Carnival entry form, which has the advantage that it makes copies to keep the thing going should I get hit by a speeding Indian Motorcycle on its way from Fort Worth to North Carolina. If you blog, too, please feel free to pass this call for submissions along to your readers.
Blog Carnival submission form - fiesta de tejas!

Last issue was the wildflower issue, but if you have photos of Texas wildflowers you would like to submit, please feel free to do that, too.

Pecan Tejas95a, from Texas A&M -- commercial since 1973 Pecan Tejas 95a, cultivar created at Texas A&M University in 1945, first fruited in 1949, released commercially in 1973.

Fiesta de Tejas! is a blog carnival celebrating Texas, Texas history and Texana. This blog focuses on education and social studies (though the focus wanders a bit sometimes). If you wonder whether a particular post might be useful to the Fiesta de Tejas!, simply ask whether you think more Texans ought to know about, especially Texas social studies teachers.

Whaddya know about Texas? Share it.

Water to the Arctic

April 19, 2007

It didn’t start out to be such an odd question. “How does water get to the Arctic Ocean,” the kid asked. I’d just dropped on them a warm-up noting the designation of a fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean. They were working on maps, some coloring them in. To some of the students, it was news that we have more than one ocean on the planet.

“Water seeks its own level,” I explained. “Rivers carry waters to the oceans.”

He was really confused. Puzzling over Canada especially, he was venting. I was stupid, and not getting his question. “How come rivers don’t flow north?” he asked.  Read the rest of this entry »

Who keeps score on presidential corruption?

April 19, 2007

A fellow approached me in church about a month ago to ask who I support in the 2008 presidential election (haven’t made up my mind yet; there are very good people running on both sides, though it would take a major tsunami to get me to vote Republican for president over any of the Democrats). In the course of the conversation he mentioned the “dozens” of convictions of officials in the Clinton administration, and expressing hope we didn’t ‘return to a time when many government officials make such a mess of things.’

I felt the cold hand of Santayana’s ghost on my shoulder as Santayana reached past me to slap the man into reality.

So, later, I tried to find a comparison I had seen of corruption investigations in presidential administrations, one that listed who was charged with what, and the result of the investigation. I can’t find it.

Is anyone keeping score? Please point me to the place, if there is one, where such scores are accurately kept. Read the rest of this entry »

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