Up to our ears in carnivals

Weren’t we here just a few days ago?  In the last week, for sure.

The 115th Carnival of Education is up at DY/DAN.

Look for Fuji Bucks.  Look for selection processes for advanced classes.  A lot of very good stuff.

Image:  Horace Mann School, 1st Grade Class, 1923

Which Horace Mann?  Oh, Saline County, Illinois.  Seriously, how many Horace Mann Schools can there be in America?  Anyone have a clue?

One Response to Up to our ears in carnivals

  1. S.M.T. says:

    Well I went to Horace Mann for 3rd and 4th grades in Franklin, Mass which is Mr. Mann’s birthplace, back in the mid 60’s and the school had been there from the early part of the century.


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