Tangled web

April 26, 2007

In the middle of the Ray Donovan mess* I was dispatched one afternoon to the Labor Department to see Donovan’s press conference on some complaint the Senate Labor Committee had misrepresented the misrepresentations about testimony offered to the committee. Donovan was mad, but I didn’t realize just how mad until I was stopped at the door — my I.D. was flagged as persona non grata, apparently. Either that or they thought Sen. Orrin Hatch would try to sneak a subpoena in with his press guy.

A friendly reporter standing behind me in line added me to his crew, and I got the handouts.

That was retail, face-to-face scandal. Nothing like this:

Anything like “OllieNorthinthebasement.net?”

* It’s amazing how little of this history is available on line.

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