On-line textbooks: Economics and history

September 16, 2007

Text publishers for Texas generally provide websites to accompany their texts. In several cases the on-line version’s chief virtue is offering the full text on-line, in case students leave their books in their locker. Most of the texts offer a few brilliant on-line sources.

In most cases, features of an on-line text are limited so those school districts that purchase the publisher’s books. Access is restricted by sign-in codes and passwords.  In many cases the on-line books are a bit clunky.

Textbook Revolution is a site that claims to be “taking the bite out of textbooks.”  I hope they don’t mean the intellectual bite.

The site points to textbooks available on-line with no serious restrictions.  There are five history texts, four for U.S. history and one with a focus on world history. Economics is a hotter field, with 14 listings, including one from the Ludwig von Mises Institute which promises links to “dozens” of texts.  Geography doesn’t have its own category, but a search of the site for “geography” turns up seven texts.  The search for “government” is much less successful, turning up a hodge podge that includes chemistry and a rant, “Nudity and Smartfilter.”

See the hopeful little stub on open course-ware, too.  (It features the MIT catalog mentioned here earlier.)

Great idea, good execution for an infant or tyro website.  What on-line texts have you used and found useful?

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