Our cat, Smokey, made famous

September 22, 2007

Can’t figure out how to embed this in WordPress (there’s gotta be a way).  You need to see it, especially if you are owned by a cat like our Smokey.  Fortunately, Smokey hasn’t found the baseball bat, but she plays mantle hockey with anything and everything.  Plus, she’s fond of shredding paper — books, magazines, bills to pay — knowing that such noise usually gets us out of bed.

It’s a production from an English group.  Big money, no doubt — could we ever hope to find such productions for classroom use?

Meanwhile, creationist oppression rolls on

September 22, 2007

While Mark Mathis was leading a bumbling raid on rationalists at Baylor University, Biblical literalists took another scalp in Iowa, of a college instructor this time. Maybe it’s time to beef up tenure, and make it easier to get.

(Maybe I need to add a new category along with “voodoo science” and “voodoo history”: “Voodoo literature.”)

Tip of the old scrub brush to Pharyngula.

Petraeus vs. Westmoreland

September 22, 2007

Santayana’s ghost sends links: The Horse’s Mouth via The Good Democrat.

Who are these guys? What did they say?

Gen. William Westmoreland, circa 1967

Gen. David Petraeus, 2007

Left, Gen. William Westmoreland, testifying before Congress, circa 1967; right, Gen. David Petraeus, testifying to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, September 11, 2007

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