Santayana as cartoonist

October 6, 2007

Okay, not George Santayana himself. Not even Santayana’s Ghost™. It’s really Wiley, with “Non Sequitur.”

This is close to the perfect cartoon. It would have been timely during the American Revolutionary War, at times in England, at times in America. It would have been timely during periods of the Texas fight for independence. It would have been timely in the early part of the War Between the States, for the Union into 1862, for the Confederacy later. It’s perfect for the Phillipines uprising during the Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson administrations. It fits Korea. It fits Vietnam. Some argue it fits Iraq.

Is this guy really a political cartoonist hiding on the funny pages?

Probably not — I could use this cartoon in a corporate presentation with good effect, and to the point.  It’s a universal problem of human organizations.

See the cartoon below the fold.

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