Happy birthday, Earth! (October 23, right?)

October 23, 2007

You do recall from Creationism 102 that the Earth was born on October 23, yes?

Why not celebrate, like these wise Austinites? Surely it’s scientific, and reasonable . . .

Fighting malaria in Cameroon

October 23, 2007

Interesting on-line news publication, The Entrepreneur, carries on-the-ground report of Cameroon’s new anti-malaria program:  Integrated pest management with a touch of DDT.

While the treatment of complicated malaria now requires a cocktail of sulphate drugs, Cameroon has reinstituted Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, DDT for the prevention of malaria transmission. The organic chemical, DDT, to which the malaria vector was formally thought to be resistant, has been recommended as an effective insecticide against mosquitoes. According the principal officer, “that DDT was kept out for a long time could have given room for mosquito’s resistibility to be naturally eradicated, hence, making it again a good insecticide.” The treatment and proper use of mosquito nets is being recommended as a preventive measure.

[Update, 2018: No one noticed I’d spelled “Cameroon” incorrectly?]

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