Unintelligent designs in Texas

The Texas Education Agency has lost its mind.  Again, or still.

P.Z. has details. I’m off to discuss economics with economics teachers.  Talk among yourselves until I get back later tonight.

If someone organizes a march on the TEA with torches and other farm implements, somebody text message me, please.

3 Responses to Unintelligent designs in Texas

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s possible to have a world leader who is grotesquely ignorant in science, yes. I’m not sure Huckabee’s views are so different from George W. Bush, who has been the worst thing to happen to U.S. science, probably ever.

    Reagan’s dallying on HIV/AIDS was partly due to his aides’ belief that the disease might be divine retribution to gays. Reagan himself was not so stupid, and when Surgeon General Koop and a couple of senators got past the palace guard, we got real action against HIV.

    In various areas, scientists tell me it may be 40 years before the U.S. recovers from the current administration. In genetic research, in crop research, in mining research (techniques, reclamation and safety), in cancer research, in vaccine research, in forestry and grassland management . . .

    Mike Huckabee doesn’t get my vote. I’m telling everyone I can tell on the Republican side to vote against him.


  2. mpb says:

    Mike Huckabee, nominee hopeful for the GOP, doesn’t believe in evolution. Is it possible to have a world leader, especially an executive of the US, who doesn’t believe in science? We know from South Africa how damaging it is for citizens to have a leader ignorant in science (HIV and AIDS)


  3. Ediacaran says:

    The Texas Freedom Network is having meetings across Texas to attract new members and bring current members together. They’ve done great work as a watchdog organization at reporting the creationist activity of some members of the Texas State Board of Education. Check their website for meetings in your area, it may be one way to meet new contacts to help fight the Inquisition instigated by creationists within the Texas Education Agency.

    I’m not sure what farm implements would be most effective against the creationists’ manure spreader, but they’ve been at it quite awhile, and now with creationist McLeroy at the helm of the TSBOE, it is only going to get deeper.

    Does the Platform of the Texas GOP still advocate putting creationism in public schools?


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