Millard Fillmore, fulcrum of history

Without the fanfare the act deserves, Elektratig has been revealing secrets of the history of Millard Fillmore, including this one, “Millard Fillmore, fulcrum of history. 

Fillmore’s role in the creation and passage of the Compromise of 1850 may be more substantial than most accounts of the time allow.

In any case, for our much-overlooked 13th president, Electratig points researchers to more information to tell the story.  He’s got several posts on Fillmore, more than a dozen in the recent past; noodle around and find all of them.  For example:

5 Responses to Millard Fillmore, fulcrum of history

  1. […] Gateway to Fillmore sources at Electratig […]


  2. […] Gateway to Fillmore sources at Electratig […]


  3. elektratig says:


    Thanks for the kind words!


  4. bernarda says:

    A bit of history, the Library of Congress has found some more photos of Lincoln’s second inauguration. Actually they don’t show much, but you might be interested.


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