Uganda to start DDT use; funding delayed program start

New Vision, a website in Kampala, Uganda, via, notes that Uganda will start using DDT in residential spraying against mosquitoes, in February 2008.

Use of DDT would have started earlier, the article says, but for lack of money.

So, participants in the defense of wise environmental policy and Rachel Carson, against the scurrilous charges of junk science purveyors, should take note:

  1. There is no ban on use of DDT against mosquitoes, in a serious, controlled program of integrated pest management.
  2. No environmentalist is to blame for the lack of DDT use in Uganda (and probably elsewhere). As with anti-malaria programs worldwide, lack of funding or lack of organization generally is the reason for any lack of action against malaria.

Uganda: Spraying of DDT Begins Next Month

New Vision (Kampala)

Moses Mulondo

The Ministry of Health will next month begin the spraying of DDT in people’s residences to combat malaria.

“We shall begin with the endangered district of Apac which has the highest infected mosquito bites in the world. We hope to have covered 15 districts by the end of this year,” said Dr. Lugemwa Myers, a researcher for the national malaria control programme.

He added that the programme would then roll on to other districts in the south western and northern regions. “In the last three months, we have sensitised leaders in all those districts.” Dr. Lugemwa said the spraying would have begun in July last year but they lacked funds.

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