SMU’s Martin Luther King Week

Southern Methodist University celebrates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., all week long.

MLK talks with reporters at SMY, 3-17-1966

SMU has about an hour of tape of a speech Dr. King delivered at SMU in 1966. While the speech is not particularly noteworthy, it’s a good example of King’s rhetoric of the time. You can put it on your iPod.

It’s interesting SMU has made it available on-line, the first time the recording has been made available. Teachers will also want to check out the clip from the campus newspaper for DBQ questions, and printed excerpts from the speech.

It’s a real period piece — King in a southern, formerly segregated town, so soon after the Voting Rights Act. Real history, real people. Very interesting.

Photo of King speaking at SMU SMU has activities running all week long. Things change in 40 years.

(Check out the socks and ties of the men on stage — and where are the women?)

  • Photos from SMU, from the archives of the campus newspaper, The SMU Campus.

5 Responses to SMU’s Martin Luther King Week

  1. […] SMU’s week in 2008 commemorating Dr. King and his visit to SMU […]


  2. […] SMU’s week in 2008 commemorating Dr. King and his visit to SMU […]


  3. […] SMU’s week in 2008 commemorating Dr. King and his visit to SMU […]


  4. bernarda says:

    I once had a recording of a fantastic interview with MLK from 1961 on the BBC program “Face to Face”. I haven’t been able to find it on the net, so if anyone has it, maybe they could post it.


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