Boost test performance: Start school later

February 5, 2008

Students perform better when schools adjust schedules to accommodate the realities of biology: High school students don’t learn or test well in the morning. Go here for an introductory discussion of the issues.

Of course, in order to boost student performance by starting high school later, bus schedules would have to change. Change costs money. Anyone care to wager whether this quick, proven method for boosting student performance will catch on, considering it costs a little?

Top science organizations join call for candidates to debate science policy

February 5, 2008

P.Z.’s not the only one. I get e-mail, too, and some of it’s not junk or spam.

Texas friends, see especially that little note at the bottom about resolutions to present at caucus, and remember that our Texas caucuses are the evening of the primary election, back at the polling place:

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Dear Ed,

On Friday PBS NewsHour ran this story on us.

Then today, the National Academy of Sciences , the National Academy of Engineering , and the Institute of Medicine joined AAAS and the Council on Competitiveness as official cosponsors of Science Debate 2008. Together we now comprise a large portion of the American science and technology community. 64 leading universities and big-name organizations have also officially signed on.

We now have an exceptionally attractive location and date and we hope to be inviting the candidates late this week.

We need your help to make that invitation as compelling as possible:

  • Please recruit every prominent leader you know to join this important initiative in the next two days.
  • Please recruit every institution, corporation or organization you can get to join this important initiative in the next two days. Have them mention it is an organizational endorsement.
  • Keep track of our growing list of signers here and here.

This is it, folks. We need you. Thanks for being a part of this historic and important initiative. Finally, please consider making an online donation here.

The team at

PS: if you live in a state that caucuses this Tuesday, please consider presenting this nonpartisan resolution calling for the debate.

thedatabank, inc.

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