2008 economy: 8 views

February 9, 2008

The Christian Science Monitor presented a series of eight different views of the world economy for 2008: 2008, a look ahead. Since the Monitor is one of the better newspapers on Earth, the series presents outstanding reporting with important insights into economics.

Photo of Chinese corn farmer, Christian Science Monitor

These are custom made for warm-ups and student projects:

  1. Why the era of cheap food is over
  2. Global elections watch: All eyes on U.S. race
  3. Global flash points: How to spot signs of peace
  4. As oil passes $100, the question: will it stop?
  5. The Olympics in China: a moment for pride – and world scrutiny
  6. As violence ebbs, the next hurdle for Iraq is political progress
  7. Will nations build on climate-change momentum of 2007?
  8. How a credit crunch may hurt the world economy

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