Page hits on the blog slipped past 700,000 just before noon today, Central Time. 

Other than the odd post on ancient animation, the Bathtub is plateaued at just over 2,000 viewers per day.   All of them are advance-degreed, well-balanced, erudite individuals, I gather.   At least, most are too polite to post just for the sake of responding.  Some of the best and most interesting stuff comes from readers who comment.

If hits were dollars, we could buy about 42 seconds of the war in Iraq, I estimate.

5 Responses to 700,000

  1. Bad says:

    As soon as we can exchange our hypothetical internet dollars for cold cash, we’ll me millionaires!


  2. mpb says:

    As a JD, EdD, you should know what BS is. Then there is MS (more s___). Some of us have it Piled Higher and Deeper. (None of it equates with common sense.)


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    No degrees required. Common sense is valued, ethics are prized, and hard data are avidly sought after.

    A sense of humor is important, too.

    Leave a comment anytime.

    (I’m assuming “a BS” means “bachelor of science” degree.”)


  4. HannahJ says:

    Have to disappoint you too; I still have one month more for my AS.


  5. zhoen says:

    Sorry, don’t have anything more than a BS. But I am intellectually omnivorous, and I am new to your site, so chin up.


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