WikiMedia’s appropriate pic of the day

April 30, 2008

Well, it woulda been more appropriate in April 25, perhaps — though the species is not a malaria-carrying mosquito.

Still, you gotta love it, Wikimedia’s Picture of the Day for April 30, 2008:


Culex spp., larva, near the surface of a body of water.

This would make a great background for a PowerPoint presentation with just a bit of work, I think. The browns are about the same intensity as the blues and greens. Nice background for a presentation on mosquitoes — outstanding background for slide of a chart on mosquito populations or somesuch.

Warm up for biology class:  Invert the photo, ask kids to explain what it is.

Happy 75th, Willie Nelson

April 30, 2008

He’s on the cover of Texas Monthly looking like the oldest piece of shoe leather south of the Red River (see photo at right — by Platon).  He was featured in the Dallas Morning News last week for “Red Headed Stranger,” the album that broke the country music mold and made him the monument to iconoclasm that he is.  And there’s a new book on  his life from Joe Nick Patoski:  Willie:  An epic life. Texas Monthly cover photo of Willie Nelson, 5-2008

I’ll wager he’s on the road today, ready to make music.

Willie Nelson turns 75 today.

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