The inaccuracy and spin go all the way to 11

There’s a guy who doesn’t like my comments on his blog, so he’s banned me. Every once in a while I find a headline or link to something, and it takes me over there — and I remember why he doesn’t like my comments.

Rationality and accuracy are barriers to be overcome for some bloggers, and this guy often falls into that category. Today he’s bummed that gay students and their friends and relatives protest bullying of gays with a Day of Silence. Neil Simpson wrote:

The Day of Silence (where schools encourage kids to be completely silent for a day to protest alleged discrimination against gays) is back, and students’ rights are being violated left and right. It is bad enough that they disrupt the learning process for a whole day, but now some schools aren’t permitting students to miss school that day or instituting other requirements.

Okay, that’s enough. I gotta stop the quoting and make corrections. “Where schools encourage kids to be completely silent for a day?” There is no such place. This is a fabrication of someone. Who?

The link in the quoted paragraph goes to Kevin Bussey’s blog; from there we get a link to a story in WorldNet Daily, perhaps the single greatest source of information pollution on the internet.

But read the story — even WND doesn’t claim that schools are supporting the event. WND only decries the fact that schools won’t bully kids into not supporting the anti-bullying campaign (irony drips from every serif of this story . . .).

Gay clubs and the “Day of Silence” have no purpose in schools. The GLBTX propoganda machine just uses the Trojan Horse of being anti-bullying to get them in. It is all part of the drive not just for tolerance, not just for affirmation, but to silence all critics.

But why have sex clubs and school-sponsored protest days just for that? All you need is a simple and thoroughly enforced anti-bullying policy:

If you physically or verbally harass other students on or off school grounds you will have swift and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are bullying because they are gay / straight / fat / thin / smart / dumb / pretty / ugly / etc., or if it is just because you are a mean jerk. Zero tolerance. Training over. Now go to class and learn something.

Bullying is wrong. I would always protect gays if they were being bullied, but that isn’t what this issue is really about. If it was, then the kids who are picked on for all those other reasons should get a special day as well, and schools wouldn’t persecute students who wanted to opt out of this special day.

Just a stand against bullying? Maybe Simpson will take a stand against bullying, you think? Maybe Simpson would urge his friends at the Texas State Board of Education to rejoin the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE). Texas pulled out a few months back, protesting the anti-bullying curriculum NASB had put together. The Texas officials — speaking for themselves, not necessarily the people of Texas, let me assure you — said they didn’t like the part that said “don’t bully gays.”

When stuff like that happens, people will on occasion use their First Amendment right to petition and right to assemble and freedom of speech to protest the stupidity. In the immediate case, the protest takes the form of remaining silent.

When gays and the friends of gays don’t speak, it makes the hardcore fundies crazy. The voices in their heads seem so much louder.


8 Responses to The inaccuracy and spin go all the way to 11

  1. Mike says:

    I just don’t understand a protest about bullying based on sexual preferences. Why not just one about bullying everyone?

    Well, we should obviously work against bullying; that’s a given. However, we should also concentrate on those who have historically been most bullied, and that definitely includes GLBT students.


  2. mpb says:

    for missnomered–
    The day after letters in Fairbanks give just about all the angles from non-student perspective. Some of them are rather shocking but fortunately Fbx is large enough to have a diverse community.


  3. mpb says:

    Here’s the story in Anchorage–
    “First of all, it’s not a Gay Day. It’s a National Day of Silence,” said Anchorage School District Superintendent Carol Comeau. Anchorage School District Superintendent Carol Comeau says the national and local campaigns have created a lot of misinformation surrounding a day where members of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club carry a card to explain their silence. “It’s a day of silence that’s honoring a group of young people that are being harassed and, in one case, killed,” said Superintendent Comeau. In February, an openly gay Californian 15-year-old, named Lawrence King, was shot in the head in school. Friends say he was killed by a 14-year-old classmate because he was gay. It’s the reason district teachers sponsoring the event, including West High’s Barb Clark, say the silence is so important. “The heart of the National Day of Silence is that every student, every student has the right to not just feel safe at school, but welcome,” said Clark. This year is the 12th Annual National Day of Silence. Comeau says it’s the 10th year the school district has participated. This year’s Day of Silence will be in memory of the 15-year-old that was killed in California. …

    I don’t have schoolage kids so I don’t know whether Bethel has a similar day. (We should–You remember Bethel? Just before Pearl and Paducah– but our community would shout it down.) Bethel remembers, reflects on school shooting anniversary


  4. missnomered says:

    Oh man. Thank you for posting this.

    I’m organizing the Day of Silence at my school, and I’ve only had to deal with a few idiots. No “day of truth” B.S. yet, thankfully.


  5. Texas – trying their hardest to be crazier than Kansas!

    The stupidity at the TSBE cannot be overstated. This is just one small part.


  6. mpb says:

    Fairbanks Daily News Miner (surprisingly) understands the issue.

    An irony is that student Gay-Straight Alliance clubs have to be allowed in schools under the federal Equal Access Act — which arose amid concerns that religious freedoms were being curtailed in public schools. Groups such as Key Club International, Gay-Straight Alliance Club and Christ Centered Youth Ministry — all present in local schools — are classified as “limited open forum” groups under federal law. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has a policy to address the activities of such groups.

    and from a student–
    I am the unofficial president of the West Valley Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). I have been reading the past articles and arguments regarding the Day of Silence and would like to make a few clarifications for those who are curious or confused…. There will undoubtedly be conflicts, but the Day of Silence is about trying to neutralize the hate that revolves around conflict and intolerance.

    I am fully supportive if people wish to have a Day of Truth, and I will respect them on that day. My only request is that the Day of Truth would promote bringing people together rather than provoking hate and misunderstanding.


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    No. Simpson’s the censor.

    We tried a campaign against bullying that involved everyone. Texas rightists pulled out because homosexual kids were included in the group of those who should not be bullied.

    The log’s probably not in your eye, Kevin, but some of our colleagues have been all too willing to look the other way when it comes time to protect homosexual kids. Why not a general campaign against bullying? You see what the result would be: WorldNet Daily and others would complain that gay kids are protected.

    I leave it to each individual to determine whether these people actually favor bullying of these kids, but they won’t take a stand against it.


  8. kevin bussey says:


    I hope you don’t think I banned you. You are always welcome on my site. I’m against all bullying. I just don’t understand a protest about bullying based on sexual preferences. Why not just one about bullying everyone?


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