Typewriter of the moment: W. H. Auden at Swarthmore

Poet W. H. Auden taught students at Swarthmore for three years, 1942-1945. Swarthmore’s library started rather early to collect Auden’s manuscripts and other materials, including the typewriter he used there — an Underwood, as you can see, below.

Auden's typewriter during his Swarthmore years (1942-1945).

Auden’s typewriter during his Swarthmore years (1942-1945).

The library has a detailed, on-line exhibit of Auden’s work and associations with the college, material useful for student research and in-class presentations related to his work.

Auden’s poetry was contemporary, and it reflected the fears and passions of lovers, and lovers of liberty, in the face of the fascist threat of World War II.  Auden died, aged by tobacco, alcohol and barbituates, in 1973, aged 67.


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