Four Stone Hearth 45 and 46

Summer travel has me farther behind than I imagined!

Two editions of Four Stone Hearth whizzed by in the past three weeks. Number 45 was hosted by Remote Central, “Caves, Graves and Audio Files Edition (with a tip to a post from Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub); Number 46 is out today at Testimony of the Spade.

In #45: Open Anthropology notes concerns about archaeological digs in Iraq during the U.S. military operations; you’ll need to follow threads around, since some of the sources referred to were deleted after the post appeared. This is the 100th anniversary of the finding of a famous Neandertal specimen which has fueled all sorts of misconceptions about Neandertal and evolution; Writer’s Daily Grind has a remembrance, “Happy 100th, La Chapelle aux Saintes!” Some people even worry about how we will structure our societies when we take to touring the stars. There’s a lot more, at Remote Central.

Check out these things in #46: Texas history teachers, and U.S. history teachers will want to look at the “dig” in the Gulf of Mexico from Remote Central; also, check out the post at Hot Cup of Joe on the Serpent Mound in Ohio (pre-history should come fairly quickly in August or September, no?). Be sure to check out this post at John Hawks’ Weblog on teaching science, and teaching humanities.

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