George C. Wallace, and Barack Obama

Would George Wallace, the late segregationist Governor of Alabama and one-time threat to win the presidency, have voted for Barack Obama?

Ask George Wallace’s daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy.  You might be surprised.

Wallace’s politics were a southern response to what was perceived as Washington’s abandoning of the southern states.  Bush’s policies, especially in the wake of hurricanes that destroyed New Orleans and many other communities in the south, look the same to many southerners.

So, which way would Wallace have voted?

One Response to George C. Wallace, and Barack Obama

  1. mpb says:

    I probably shouldn’t answer before reading the link, but–
    I bet he would indeed. I think there is still a greater bond within the south between blacks and whites because of history and economic/class. Sharecroppers were white, black, and red.


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