Meanwhile, back in reality, Obama’s election certified

It’s one of those arcane and many argue archaic things the “founders” left us, but the electoral college’s process of electing the president of the U.S. rumbled to completion yesterday when Congress opened the ballots from the electors, and then certified that Barack Obama will be the next president of the U.S.

Preparations for the inauguration continue unabated.

But for those still clinging to their tinfoil hats, even as the deadline rapidly approaches to go to High Definition Television, January 9 and January 16 offer chances for the Supreme Court to overturn the election, by ruling Obama’s birth was invalid.  Some, confusing the Supreme Court with Congress, urge a landslide of letters to the Court itself (“that’ll show ’em!”).

I’ve managed to get myself banned at that last website.  I asked the author to make a case, to provide the evidence and arguments against Obama’s eligibility.  Such an appearance of gravity and Newtonian physics scares the bejeebers out of these groups.

One of the most intrigueing questions now:  What will the Bergites and Dononfrions do after inauguration? Are there enough of them that Pfizer is working on a treatment, or cure?

15 Responses to Meanwhile, back in reality, Obama’s election certified

  1. Supremes deny Berg, but questions about Obama’s birth record persist
    The Supreme court denied Philip Berg certiorari today, but questions about Obama’s birth record persist. He has never provided his long form birth certificate even after several lawsuits. Instead, he has fought in court to keep it a secret document. On January 20th Barack Obama will enter the White House under a cloud of suspicion about his status as a natural born citizen. This is a shame. All he had to do was shoe the document. This is a slap in the face of every American who cherishes the Constitution.


  2. JJ Brannon says:

    Well, I can’t argue against that advice, but from reading the comments on the Evolution threads, I can’t see where you follow it yourself consistently. :>)

    I think we share the same quixotic impulse to pursue evidence and rational argument especially in the face of unreason, else who shall stem the tide?

    As it happens, I discovered your site yesterday by pure serendipity when I wanted to ensure the proper ascription to Lincoln’s “dog-tail” quote, when I knew it wasn’t a dog yet couldn’t recall which particular livestock it described.

    My personal interest in the Barack Obama birth question arises from my own pursuit of my daughter’s legal documentation. I readily obtained the birth certificate and the vault copy birth record which displays the name of the hospital, the attending physician, and Kayleigh’s footprints.

    Aside from the arcane and absurd hypotheses abounding from the Sixth Dimensionists [none of which diminishes the fact that Barack was born of an American mother], I really don’t see the impediment of the vault copy being produced as an historical document.

    You may find this amusing. After Palin’s selection, I had this little set-piece doggerel:

    “This election is between a relatively young, inexperienced politician of multiracial family who’s chosen as his running mate a white-haired elder statesman with vast foreign-policy expertise who hails from the 1st and 49th-largest State, while his opponent is a white-haired elder statesman with vast foreign-policy expertise who’s chosen as his running mate a relatively young, inexperienced politician of multiracial family who hails from the 49th and 1st-largest State.”

    It also showed that anyone [taking Succession into account] — a Navy brat, a welfare kid from Hawai’i, a used-car salesman’s son from Scranton, or a beauty contestant journalism major — could become President. :>)

    Incidentally, I resided in both of the Veep candidates’ States, having begun kindergarten in Fairbanks, Alaska, and presently reside in Newark, Delaware.

    I puzzled people when, after an election when no incumbent Democratic Senator lost a seat, I would say that I was irked that the incumbent Democratic Senator for whom I voted wouldn’t serve in the Senate.

    I’m sure with your fingers on the pulse of the typical person’s knowledge of civics, it will not astonish you to learn that most Delawareans [let alone those of other polities] to whom I said the preceding couldn’t deduce of whom I spoke. :>)



  3. uselectors says:

    The 1787 Art.2 Electoral College was reformed in 1868 by Amend. XIV§2!

    A Civil Action is now pending before the US District Court to Democratize the Electoral College that will assure that the Electoral College Vote will MAP the popular vote in future presidential elections without need of a constitutional amendment or any state legislative acts by enforcing the MAP (Mal-Apportionment Penalty) Clause of Amend. XIV§2 of the United States Constitution adopted July 28, 1868. {Ref:}

    Democratizing the Electoral College Lawsuit

    “Defendant’s [Cheney] certain bias presentation for tabulation in the Hall of the House of Representatives, January 6, 2009, (Note: Now January 8, 2009) of majority polled presidential electors from unbounded southern states ungrounded in either state or federal law , constitutes a discriminatory abridgment of the voting rights of minority polled presidential electors based on race and/or party affiliation in violation of the mal-apportionment penalty clause pursuant to the United States Constitution (Amend. XIV§2) and statutory Code (2U.S.C.§6).” –
    Gordon vs Cheney.- November 24th, 2008

    {Ref: }


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    JJB, thanks for dropping by. Stop being such a stranger.

    Do you think that a release of any official document would stem the harping of the Birth Certificate Obsessed (BCOs)? I doubt it. They won’t acknowledge the documents that are official and legally accepted, while they continue to claim the existence of documents that have never been seen and which run against all other evidence.

    You can’t reason with people who didn’t get to their current position through reason.


  5. JJ Brannon says:

    Gee, Ed, good site, fighting the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

    Glad to see you still swinging and clearing the air of all the clutter.

    The conspiracy theorists are in full swing. My only objection is to the State of Hawai’i not releasing the original birth record [not certificate of live birth abstract] to quell the whole fandango because as of the election it’s no longer a private-interest document but an historical document.

    To me, it’s a transparency issue: if they had, I wouldn’t have to hear all the static from the fringers.



  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Check this odd little one-entry blog: Obama Was Not Born in Kenya.


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    Paul, here’s one source. It’s always been an odd thing, and it’s never really gotten far as a challenge. This election has been unique in the volume and vitriol from the challengers.


  8. Paul says:

    Is there a good source outlining the history of challenges to presidential election certification? Or has this been a unique election in the volume and determination of the challengers?


  9. NYC Educator says:

    I love it.

    That’s all I have to say right now.


  10. Ed Darrell says:

    Letter in the Victorville (California) Daily Press:

    To get your letter in the paper: Write: P.O. Box 1389, Victorville, 92393 Fax: 241-1860 | E-mail:
    January 6, 2009 – 9:34 AM

    Obama’s birth certificate

    When I read the letter from Richard Schappert ( Unconstitutionally elected?,” Jan. 2) stating that Barack Obama is not or may not be a United States citizen, I was shocked. So I set about doing some research and found it is untrue. You can view his birth certificate at:

    The State of Hawaii has confirmed it to be a true birth certificate and it is identical when compared to other Hawaii birth certificates. I’m not an Obama supporter and I didn’t vote for him, but I feel it’s important to not spread false rumors.

    Ensen Mason
    Victor Valley


  11. Ed Darrell says:

    Ted, you’re assuming that your claim that Obama’s birth certificate isn’t genuine, is a good claim. There’s no evidence I’ve seen to suggest that it’s not perfectly valid. There are no affidavits from anyone who might know of difficulties, no officials, no certified document analysts, no nothing.

    For a completely unevidenced claim, it’s getting a lot of credence from you that it doesn’t deserve.


  12. Der Kaiser says:

    Wowzers Ted, that’s some intricate scheme that John Roberts has cooked up to save the constitution. The Supreme Court has been rejecting the awesome legal theories, conjecture, and hearsay that have been brought before it repeatedly up until now just to lull Obama into a false sense of self security so Berg can achieve standing and SCOTUS can annul the election. Because, as we all well know, courts operate much like the plot of Days of our Lives and not on things like precedent or evidence.

    Bonus points awarded for spinning the lack of objections in Congress into Victory is Tomorrow Today. By certifying the vote, Congress has in no way offered its opinion on Obama’s eligibility, given that you guys have been harassing the electors, Congress and the Supreme Court consistently since Nov 4th.


  13. Aaron says:

    What the Bergites and Dononfrions will have already done by the date of the inauguration is to incite some even more unhinged lunatics to violence as did lunatic extraordinaire Alex Jones with the Bohemian Grove:

    I have already seen web posts from some of these people implying that violent action should be taken if a “usurper” is allowed to become President.

    As if the country did not already have enough to deal with.


  14. Ted says:

    Obama can’t be POTUS.

    Since no congressman and senator objected on 1/8/09 to Congress’ count and certification of the electoral vote which would have turned resolution of Obama’s eligibility issue over to Congress, rendering moot both the Berg and Lightfoot cases, Berg finally does achieve standing on the issue of actual harm, to be addressed at the 1/9/09 SCOTUS Conference on Writ of Certiorari. Obama’s failure to submit evidence of his constitutional qualification for the 1/9/09 conference will mean he cannot thereafter challenge Berg’s request to enjoin the 1/8/09 Congressional electoral count and certification, albeit retroactive, scheduled for SCOTUS conference 1/16/09. Moreover, Chief Justice Roberts has scheduled a full Court conference on the Lightfoot case 1/23/09 in the event there needs to be a Constitutionally mandated action, the Inauguration itself, to enjoin retroactively.

    Checkmate! (WHERE IS THE NEWS MEDIA?)


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