Population bombs

One of the great attempted slams on Rachel Carson is the false and scurrilous claim that “population growth opponents” or environmentalists were overheard saying that with DDT, population growth would continue.  Generally this canard is accompanied by an observation that France is now Islamic, since only Moslems have babies in France.

Where is Bob Park when you need a whiff of sanity?

Oh, there he is, at his blog and his newsletter (I’ve added the links):

Demographic experts warn that population decline in Russia could have serious economic consequences.  It’s the same growth-is-good bull shit that always comes from the Chamber of Commerce.  Russia’s neighbors, Norway, Finland and Sweden, have the highest standards of living in the world and small populations.  Afghanistan, on the other hand, which is not exactly a tourist Mecca, has a fertility rate above 7, the highest in the world.

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