DDT nutcases

It’s spring, and nutcase fancies turn to thoughts of slandering Rachel Carson and making unholy noises toward environmentalists.

Here’s one nutcase who engages in that peculiar nutcase practice of completely rewriting posts of commenters — claims to be Graeme Bird; is he really running for office?  His claim is that lack of DDT is causing the spread of dengue in Queensland, Australia.  He won’t be swayed by reason or fact (of course — his avatar is a photo of confirmed liar Joe McCarthy).  He asks “how many have died,” but is unhappy with the official answer (one, but that’s not clear — an older woman in poor health).  Nor does he appear to have any sense of irony that drought-stricken Australia has a plague of mosquitoes due to recent rains.  Nor does he appear to understand that dengue is an imported disease in Australia, imported by a traveler, it appears.

Australian officials ask people to drain water from pots, old tires (“tyres” downunder), rain gutters, or any other small pool, which is where the vector mosquitoes breed and mature.  The nutcase appears unfamiliar with the concept of simply preventing the mosquitoes from breeding, in his rush to poison Australia.  Nor do alternative effective techniques for fighting the disease appear to be on his radar.

Alas, there are a lot of these lone nutcases loose.  Watch for updates here for a week or so.

I wonder if it’s a virus that makes them censor any fact or opinion contrary to their own, or whether they simply are complete cranks.  I mean, even Bush’s Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne got  DDT right.

(Bird’s blog is on WordPress, which will automatically post a link from this post to his blog.  Anyone want to wager on whether he has enough cojones to let the trackback stand?)

203 Responses to DDT nutcases

  1. graemebird says:

    Right. Testicular cancer on the increase. And so they are blaming it on DDT. Whereas anyone ought to see that as evidence for the opposite point of view.


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  3. Ed Darrell says:

    DDT and breast cancer:

    DDT and testicular cancer:

    DDT-related Chemical Linked to Testicular Cancer
    As Reported by Reuters. 2008 Apr 29

    Testicular cancer is found more often in men who have higher levels of DDE, a chemical related to the pesticide DDT. A study conducted among US military men showed that men with the highest DDE levels were 70% more likely to have testicular cancer. Although DDT was banned in this country in 1972, DDE remains in the environment. “It’s in the food chain now,” explains Dr. Katherine McGlynn, principal researcher for the study. About 90% of Americans have DDE in their blood. In some developing countries, DDT is still used to control the mosquitoes that carry malaria. Testicular cancer generally develops early, at around age 20 to 30. Most men are cured with surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. In many countries, the number of cases of testicular cancer has been increasing, possibly related to DDE exposure. The fact that this cancer appears early in life suggests that childhood exposure to a cancer-causing agent such as DDE, through breast feeding, for example, could play a role. The study was published online ahead of print April 29 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.



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