Heartland on bedbugs: DDT stupidity, all the way to 11

The Heartland Institute is charitably called a “think tank” sometimes.  In their latest screed against science and people who wish to protect the environment, there is no evidence of thinking, however.  It’s all tank.

The headline says it all: “Bedbug Outbreak Hits All 50 States Thanks to DDT Ban.”

With all their reading on bedbugs, they never noticed the many notes that DDT stopped working against bedbugs more than 50 years ago? Who is going to tell them that DDT doesn’t work? Or, is this a talisman, an understanding that none of the solutions proposed by Heartland Institute will work? First they flirt with intelligent design, then they lose their senses altogether.  There’s an omen there.

Remember the scene in “Spinal Tap?” Heartland Institute on bedbugs is stupid, turned up to 11.  Heartland Institute doesn’t allow comments, probably because they can’t stand the laughter.

2 Responses to Heartland on bedbugs: DDT stupidity, all the way to 11

  1. Paul says:

    Diatomaceous Earth! I think it’s time to make some noise for this amazing natural pesticide!

    Suprising qualities of Diatomaceous earth:

    – Non-toxic

    – Longer lasting than DDT

    – Kills almost any insect that comes into contact with it

    – Made by sea creatures



  2. […] at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub has coverage of the annual spring resurgence of DDT […]


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