Alberta: Academic freedom, or shackles?

Alberta, Canada’s legislature passed a bill that allows parents to pull kids out of the classroom if evolution is taught, or almost anything else that the parents deem counter to their own religion.  It’s a passive-aggressive response to laws that require non-discrimination against sexual orientation.

Or does it really allow an opt-out for evolutionMaybe.  Who can tell?

Even Albertans agree they don’t want to be Arkansas:

‘All they’ve done is make Alberta look like Northumberland and sound like Arkansas.’— Brian Mason, Alberta NDP leader

Oy.  Canada has its own version of the Texas Lege.

Bill 44 represents a deep-seated resentment of education in the hearts of conservatives.  It strikes at the purpose of education, to make students aware of society and other people.  It suggests that some ideas are so dangerous they cannot be discussed, even to rebut.

Fears of parents and conservatives are real.  Often what they fear is not real, or not a problem, or maybe even part of the solution.  Can they come to understand that if they can’t even discuss the issues?


3 Responses to Alberta: Academic freedom, or shackles?

  1. elbogz says:

    Never underestimate the power of a few stupid people in a large crowd.


  2. Chunklets says:

    Passive-aggressive” is a very apt description of Bill 44!

    And, just to make the whole affair that much more nauseating, Alberta government members were just this morning taunting the other provinces for lacking the “courage” to enact similar legislation.


  3. […] to hassle with creationists; the United States is not alone in being plagued with these problems. But his is hilarious: Alberta, Canada’s legislature passed a bill that allows parents to pull kids out of the […]


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