Wool ripped from this blogger’s eyes

One of my DDT blog post alerts turned up this one at Butter Side Down, which is as close to perfect in accuracy and conciseness as I have seen lately.

Here’s a question that I was asked this weekend, one which I’ve been asked more than once: how anyone can justify the ban on DDT when millions of people are dying of malaria?

It’s a good question.

Unfortunately, it’s the wrong question. It’s wrong because it’s based on three premises:

  1. DDT has been banned;
  2. In areas where mosquitoes are endemic millions are needlessly suffering and dying from malaria deaths that are preventable if spraying DDT is allowed; and
  3. DDT is a panacea that strikes down mosquitoes without fail.

All three premises are wrong.

If this guy woman can be so wise, why cannot others at least follow him her?

2 Responses to Wool ripped from this blogger’s eyes

  1. JAS says:

    P.S. There was supposed to be a (grin) behind the “I’m a gal” bit but it didn’t come through!


  2. JAS says:

    Hey Ed, glad you found me! I’m a gal, btw, not a guy. If had a penny for every person who’s demanded I explain to them how I could “participate” in the death of millions by my advocacy over the last twenty years against the widespread indiscriminate use of DDT and other economic poisons, I’d be independently wealthy…

    Keep up the good fight.


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