Carnival of the Liberals #95, at Neural Gourmet

Liberals in America struggle as they try to deal with the little bit of success in the last elections.  Used to sniping from the sidelines for the past eight years, and unused to having a president who doesn’t make them pull their hair out at least once a day, liberals might be excused for breathing a massive sigh of relief and taking a few weeks off.

Oh, but that few weeks’ vacation did serious damage to the liberal presence on the internet.

The Carnival of the Liberals is back in a new and improved constitution, with an eye on working for liberal, patriotic ideals with a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and a president who might actually do some of the things that need to be done.

Carnival of the Liberals #95, at Neural Gourmet

Typical liberal concerns, you know:  Taxesfamily values; how to make torture work; waving the flag.

More seriously, there are some good articles there.  Go check it out.  The new format looks promising.  Liberals need to get back to the kicking and shoving that make politics work.

One Response to Carnival of the Liberals #95, at Neural Gourmet

  1. Duncan Engler says:

    Oh brother! Liberals loose in Texas! ZOIKS! Mike McCool and Jake Pickel are/would be proud.
    Thank goodness we moved to Mexico….


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